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A painter painting a wall red.

Interior Painting

Updating and maintaining beautiful interiors with a new coat of paint or touch-ups.

An employee cleaning beige carpet.

Carpet Cleaning & Repairs

Removing dirt and stains and repairing wear and tear to have carpet looking fresh.

A living space with brown hardwood flooring, white walls and windows.


Tidying up and making any place look presentable and ready to live in.

A lady cleaning brown hardwood floor with a mop in an office.

Amenities Cleaning

Cleaning, sanitizing, and maintaining gyms, lobbies, restrooms, computer rooms, kitchens, and more.

A flooded living room space with white couch and brown blanket, white side table and lamp, and green tree.

24/7 Water Extraction

Getting unwanted water out quickly – whenever you need it – day or night.

A living room with a gray couch, bookshelf, and pumpkin decoration.

Apartment Turn-Key

Transforming units from that just-moved-out look to the just-like-new look.

When You Need Precision,
You Need Precision Cleaning

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Why Us?

At Precision Cleaning Services, we have perfected the turn-key process with thousands of hours of turn-key experience. We’ve worked in the apartment industry and understand the challenges presented to property managers and building owners. Multi-family properties require incredible attention to detail to keep them beautiful and well-maintained. We appreciate the importance of a clean, inviting community for both your current and prospective tenants. Your current tenants deserve clean fitness rooms, lounges, and lobbies, and your incoming tenants deserve to move into pristine units. We do everything necessary to make sure your community looks its best and your tenants are happy!

Our goal is to make our customers feel safe and worry-free when they give us a call, knowing that the job is in good hands. We’re a family-run company that prides itself on business integrity. That means that we’re committed to doing the right thing for you and your tenants. We offer consistent communication, personalized attention to detail, and flexible service. PCS appreciates that professional cleaning and turn-key services are an investment and we are fully committed to only offering the highest quality results for your money. Our team is reliable, consistent, and honest. Property Managers and Maintenance Supervisors know they can count on us to do the job right the first time, every time.

Here For You 24/7

Whether it’s a pump malfunction, an unstoppable act of nature, or a child dumping toys in the toilet, water damage can be serious – and seriously expensive. That’s why we never want to leave you hanging when water is hanging around. In the event of a water emergency, call Precision Cleaning Services any time day or night for water extractions. By acting fast and performing water extraction, we’re able to reduce drying time and help prevent future or secondary water damage. Our professional equipment is able to move hundreds or even thousands of gallons of water from your property, leaving you safe and dry.

Greater Jacksonville’s Premier Multi-Family Turn-Key Solution
We Are Problem Solvers

Whether it’s a water disaster that needs immediate attention or just a unit that needs expert turn-key service, the professionals at Precision are prepared to offer you fast, expert solutions.


We take pleasure and pride in our turn-key services. We know that we are not only providing an immediate solution for property managers, but we are also serving families. Whether it’s taking care of a water leak or just doing routine cleaning, seeing a family amazed by our quick and precise performance makes it all worth it to us. We care about your tenants having clean, well-kept spaces to call home.


Fast response time can prevent thousands of dollars in damages. All emergency calls are prioritized immediately. When we arrive, we quickly assess the most crucial areas of concern in order to prevent future or secondary water damage. As our job is completed, we’ll be sure to communicate any potential vulnerabilities to property managers to explore with their insurance company.


When you need a water extraction or turn-key team, you shouldn’t have to deal with bad attitudes. We know people hate being greeted with an unpleasant voice on the phone from a restoration company who dreads responding to your need. The protocol at Precision is to be personable and friendly for not only our Property Managers, but respectful and courteous with your tenants.


Precision is more than part of our name – it is who we are and what we do. While many companies will get 95% of the job done and call it a day, our team goes the extra mile to ensure that the last 5% is covered – always. At Precision, we aim for excellence rather than just “satisfactory”. We pride ourselves on a job done right, and done right the first time. We appreciate quality, and we know you do too.

“Love and dedication to everything you do is the key to success. I believe that attention to detail is a key to our continued growth.”

– Johanna C.

What Did They Say?

I highly recommend these folks. They were quick and affordable.

Cynthia M.

Call this team for any of your cleaning needs! They did 8 of our units and with a very quick turn around time as well.

Julie T.

Precision Cleaning was very professional and more importantly on time. They got everything done that was quoted and even cleaned a portion of a building that was attached to ours, because it looks better with it clean.

James C.