Carpet Cleaning & Repairs

Even the best renters can leave carpeted floor looking downright rough. Whether it’s the dog coming in from outside and shaking mud everywhere, the baby spilling an entire cup of juice, or someone tracking in something they didn’t realize they stepped in, we’ve all been there. What you don’t want is to leave your new tenant with the impression of dirtiness that comes with stains, rips, or odors. Carpet cleaning actually increases the longevity of the carpet itself, keeping it looking newer longer. Get rid of stubborn dirt, heavily-spoiled patches, and collected allergens with deep carpet cleaning. With Precision Cleaning Services, you can know you are starting off on the right foot with clean, fresh carpets. We offer deep carpet cleaning services as well as carpet repairs. We will take care of tiny holes or damaged fringes to help your units or common areas look good as new.

A painter painting a wall red.

Interior Painting

Updating and maintaining beautiful interiors with a new coat of paint or touch-ups.

An employee cleaning beige carpet.

Carpet Cleaning & Repairs

Removing dirt and stains and repairing wear and tear to have carpet looking fresh.

A living space with brown hardwood flooring, white walls and windows.


Tidying up and making any place look presentable and ready to live in.

A lady cleaning brown hardwood floor with a mop in an office.

Amenities Cleaning

Cleaning, sanitizing, and maintaining gyms, lobbies, restrooms, computer rooms, kitchens, and more.

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A flooded living room space with white couch and brown blanket, white side table and lamp, and green tree.

24/7 Water Extraction

Getting unwanted water out quickly – whenever you need it – day or night.